Development of the Play 

Knife to the Heart: The Circumcision Comedy will come to Chicago audiences ahead of a slated New York City run. the following season. Chicago-based lead producers TADA Theatricals are currently solidifying the team of investors, following a developmental reading in Los Angeles, and with an upcoming reading in Chicago in May. Interested investors may contact us using the form on this site.

Knife to the Heart is brought to us by a writing team that knows a little something about washing down controversy with comedy, and continues their long history of successful stage and television credits. Stan Zimmerman and Christian McLaughlin have made audiences laugh their way through taboo topics on legendary shows like The Golden Girls, Roseanne, and Married with Children. With a theatrical sensibility that marries the wit of Neil Simon with the ups and downs of the modern family, Knife to the Heart is just as sure to leave a mark on audiences.

Now let’s address the obvious question: Why circumcision?!

Audiences of all kinds are grappling with this hot topic. From religious and cultural Jews, to fresh-faced couples, to expecting parents, to single gay men, this is a subject that cuts across a huge swath of the American cultural conversation. And we can’t think of a better way to get people talking than by making them laugh about it first.